Visual Content Creation And Acquisition For The Course And The Complementary Digital Library

Leading Institution: The Cyprus Institute

Because of a very nature of the planned online course, although many contents can be capitalized from previous projects of the different participant institutions, good quality and innovative images and recordings will have to be created or acquired including :

– drone recordings of different mediterranean landscapes

– Lidar, Radar and satellite visualizations

– 3D models of architectures and infrastructures

– Virtual and Augmented Reality images

– Traditional drawings reproducing historical landscapes in different periods of their history

Based on their previous extensive work and research concerned with the implementation of contemporary technologies in Historical Landscapes research, the Cyprus Institute will lead this intellectual output on the basis of the contents needed for the course and reflecting the most innovative and effective methods and tools currently used for the study of European Historical Landscapes and more generally Cultural Heritage. Thanks to the large experience of the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) in the development, introduction and use of advanced science and technologies in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, including the domains of digital cultural heritage, heritage in historic cities and cultural landscapes, scientific visualisation, and virtual and augmented reality of the built environment this team will be able to create cutting edge material to be included in the course. Other participants can contribute with material from previous projects or supporting the Cyprus team in creating new material in their own geographical areas.